Thursday, August 1, 2013

“Go Pro” Sports Management Gives Talented Inner-city Athletes a Chance to Show-off their Abilities to High Schools, Colleges, National Leagues and The Go Pro National League

Go Pro® Sports Management is an “Athletic Stage” where athletes of all ages and skills can try-out and/or show-off their capabilities for the attention of the venue of their choice; colleges, regional leagues, national leagues, international leagues, professional leagues and the GO PRO National Leagues.

The purpose of Go Pro® is to seek-out and attract the “best of the best” athletes (locally and nationally) and place them into associations where they will grow, excel and maximize the true potential and hidden or unseen talent.  Many inner-city youth and talented athletes, whether in or out of school, rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to show-off their true capabilities to the “scouts”.  Go Pro® provides that opportunity.

Go Pro® participants do not necessarily have to already be in a league or participating in a particular sport.  Any applicant who feels they are capable of “beating-out” the other participating applicants are welcome to register and try-out.

Go Pro® will initially start with:  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and Hockey.

Go Pro® has recently become the subject of interest for multiple reality shows to include or focus selectively on the ability of unknown athletes and their rise to "stardom", much like: "America's Got Talent", "American Idol", "Top Chef" and others styled shows for example.

Go Pro® will soon be launching a national registration process for select cities in-and-around the USA where athletes of all ages and skills will be able to “try-out” or “show-off” their capabilities and talents to the world.

Go Pro® will also provide the Go Pro Sports Management Team® for those athletes who seek representation upon successful try-out and progression to the “Final Rounds”.

Go Pro® is currently in discussions to create the Go Pro National League® where proven athletes can participate in one season to demonstrate their talents and capabilities.

Go Pro® will also be seeking try-outs for The Go Pro Cheerleading Team® and Local and National Calendar which will host our top-talent and their stats.

For Go Pro® exclusive, regional or national sponsorship, advertising and other opportunities, please contact Go Pro® directly.

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